Vybe Wrist Worn Notification System

The Vybe band came to us as so many languishing and unfulfilled crowdfunded products do.  This was Dollar Beard Club founder Chris Stoikos’ first successful campaign and like so many entreprenuers learn, product launch isn’t so easy.

The initial temptation for most campaigners is to “save money” and as we wrestled to inject sage advice to the program, we eventually agreed to bring a fresh design and product hardware to market on a partnership level.

After many rounds of preferential style changes, we successfully implemented a production strategy which put Vybe under backers’ 2014 Christmas trees.


Design Process

The design process was fairly routine.  We began by packaging the water-resistant custom pcb assembly to minimize envelope but to maximize the tactile effect of a hidden internal push button mechanism.

We sought to create a style that had a soft and subtle feel on the wrist.  So how’d we do?

Vybe Fulfillment

The Vybe wrist worn notification system for iPhone and Android finally shipped in late 2014, just in time for Christmas.

As many crowdfund campaigners learn, raising money might be the easy part, delivering manufactured goods is another matter.

Vybe ultimately shuttled operations despite a successful, albeit late launch but lesson learned, or was it?

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