Strongvolt Charger Product Industrial Design

Strongvolt came to us for Industrial Design and packaging of their portable solar charger technology.  The product, which solves the problem of charge termination due to low light conditions, naturally needed a branded look and feel.

The strongvolt product suite features a range of wattage outputs, individually sized for your travels but the charging interface is common across all lines. The client wanted a ruggedized look and feel that would survive the elements.

We created a form fitted outer bumper, custom textured to compliment a cool gray ergonomic interface for all for the total user experience.


Design Process

The client began with a very crude and generic original form.  We reverse engineered their pcb assembly and then presented concepts to contain it.

The final outcome was a trapped band, snap shut clamshell housing optimized for production and assembly that just feels good in the hand.

Amazon Top Seller!


  • Strongvolt solar chargers work with your phones, tablets, gps or any usb chargeable devices wherever.
  • Keep your iphone, android device, gps, gopro and more fully charged anywhere there is sun.
  • Strongvolt solar chargers are a must for emergencies, natural disasters, or on any outdoor adventue.

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