Sahara iPhone Case Product Industrial Design

Sahara was born of a desire to create a brand that would rival one of the leading iPhone cases on the market. Armed with a name and a very limited set of client inspirations, we sought to create something with a very unique look and feel.

After a fairly thorough market typology study and examination of current design trends, we saw an opportunity to integrate the colors, textures and styles often seen displayed within the communities and cultures of desert geographies.

Design Process

The process for Sahara was fairly linear beginning with typology, concept illustration, integration of feedback and down selection into a final design direction.

The end result was an eye catching 3D form and set of product specifications for manufacturer review.

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Amazon Top Seller!

Sahara Case has become another of our product designs to do well commercially.  It’s currently available on Amazon and moving in good numbers.  With the majority of reviewers giving it 5 stars, we can confidently say that our product designs get to market and stay there.  Why work with anyone else?

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