Powershade Product Industrial Design
Powershade was created for the sun chasing technophile looking to stay powered during leisure times. The product prototype features a custom solar panel fed 12V DC to 120V AC inverter for powering mobile and other AC electrical devices. The project began as so many entrepreneurial visions do. We ramped up with a strategy for repackaging and styling an existing off-the-shelf inverter technology. We delivered a fully functioning, styled and campaign ready prototype that drew water but unfortunately, as many campaigners learn, there are principles to crowdfunding that are too often neglected.
Design Process
Powershade began with reverse engineering and re-packaging of an existing DC inverter. We then sourced and integrated the ideal solar panels to deliver the juice. Some hardcore Industrial Design, Mechanical and Prototype Engineering all applied and a production quality prototype was on the client’s doorstep stat.

Powershade . . Get Charged!

The Powershade solar powered beach umbrella made some waves on Kickstarter and raised over $20K in backer funding but the campaign goal was simply unrealistic for the client’s marketing and ad strategy. We’ve included Powershade within our gallery as a reminder to all entrpreneurs that despite having a great product idea, your budget will ultimately determine the success or failure of any product launch.

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