Neptune DOS Fluid Metering System

Neptune Systems wanted to further distinguish themselves as a market dom – inating technology. The Neptune DOS became the first in a new line of brand strengthening products designed to communicate their vision.

We began with the predecessor of their automated dosing and metering system for saltwater aquariums. The externally mounted pumps came with an intrinsic form that lent well towards an embellished organic styling.

With a little bit of cool grey color and an LED light piping technique to treat their logo as a “cherry on top” . . Voila! The Neptune DOS had arrived.


Design Process

The Neptune DOS began with some clever reverse engineering of their pump assemblies.  We then looked mechanically at their desired strategy of stacking multiple units.

They gave us their general pcb layout and we did the rest.  As you can see, a little bit of styling can go a long way in the market and the DOS went long.

Market Leader

Neptune is a top seller of products to the salt water aquarium market.  Their suite of home automation, monitoring and metering systems are unrivalled.

The Neptune DOS was a stunning addition to their line.  Check out also the PM4 and their other products aimed at keeping your fish happy in their new home.

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