Coolbox Prototype Concept Engineering

Coolbox was a joint effort between and serial entrepreneur Chris Stoikos, founder of the Dollar Beard Club. Following the success of Coolest Cooler, we sought to modernize yet another common household item, the toolbox.

We combined several of the most commonly stored toolbox and workspace items, typically sold separately, into a single product designed to streamline the average household project.  The Coolbox seemed like a good modern solution all around.

Design Process

Coolbox was built from the ground up and focused on a collaborative list of commonly observed workspace utilities.

Our goal, similar to Coolest Cooler, was to toss in “everything but the kitchen sink” and judging by the support, we may have achieved just that.  What do you think?

Sharktank Feature

Coolbox aired April 8, 2016 on Sharktank and concluded with a deal from Lori Greiner.  The deal with Greiner ultimately fell through but was replaced by a licensing deal with Kevin Harrington.

Since our participation was limited in scope to concept creation, engineering and prototyping only, we too await fulfillment of production by those who run the business.

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