BedJet v1 Product Industrial Design

Client Mark Aramli had a vision for packaging his air driven climate control system but the “Frankenstein” prototype unit he’d built needed a strong industrial design.

The v1 was inspired by the aggressive styling of the old WWII dog fighter prop planes and the goal was to create something aircraft’y and mechanically fascinating but with a sleek and powerful look.

The successful v1 eventually paved the way for our legacy Bedjet v2 design that would go on to make Bedjet a household brand.

Design Process

The design process for Bedjet v1 required a simple “inside out” approach that began with a vision and a very well defined set of internal parameters.

The client gave us the “guts” and we gave BedJet a face, but with some cool options to choose from.

Sharktank Feature

The BedJet v2 legacy product aired March 3rd of 2015, and although the pitch was deemed a “catastrophe”  by the Sharks, the national exposure from that episode helped to fuel a successful 2nd Kickstarter campaign which raised over $1.3 million and ultimately led to a major retail licensing deal.

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