New Product Releases

Manufacturability IS an important factor but
it’s not enough. Successful products need a branded look and feel to attract consumers.

Anyone can create a 3D CAD concept, but it takes a pro to develop the aesthetic edge products need to differentiate in the market.

CAD Models is all about branded products. Check out these recent product releases.

Armaments Research Company

Taking the issues and trends in personal safety and light arms carry to the next level . .meet the next generation of smart weaponry. Your arms . . smarter.

Bedjet climate control system

As seen on Sharktank, we developed the Industrial Design and branded look for this indoor climate control system designed to make your bed a better place. Stay toasty!

Coolbox, toolbox re-imagined

As seen on Sharktank, we partnered with the famous bearded icon Chris Stoikos to bring you this modern rendition of the classic toolbox. Ships early 2017.

Neptune Systems Dos

Neptune Systems DOS fluid metering system for salt water aquariums. This was a true product branding opportunity and we pulled out all the aesthetic stops.

Lyfelens in-car dash cam

The Lyfelens in-car dashcam and monitoring system ensures that you never miss the details of an auto collision or break-in by delivering data up to the cloud.

Vybe band notification system

We developed the Vybe wrist worn notification system for iPhone and Android to allow those tech addicted users a little more freedom while on the go.

Grumblies! Digital toy and game

Grumblies are a super fun, interactive digital toy and character game piece that pair with mobile devices for games, elearning and more. Coming soon to Kickstarter!

Strongvolt Solar 3 charger

As seen on Kickstarter, we developed this ergonomically enhanced and rugged custom dongle for the Strongvolt Solar 3 portable solar charger for iPhone and iDevices.

Crowdfunding & Campaign Prototypes

With the eye-catching prototype designs created by our freelancers, we’ve helped campaigners raise over $2.0 MILLION in crowdfunding capital.

When Lemurlock needed an optimized cost of goods for their campaign, we gave them a production COG for creating the value they would need to launch.

Check out Lemurlock’s cool new lockable bike lights on Kickstarter now! . . “Your Bike . . Brighter, Safer”

A Better Class of Talent

Looking for a freelance design professional can be a challenging task if you don’t know how to spot or evaluate legitimate talent.

Our freelancers are individually screened and credentialed by industry professionals who’ve actually brought products to market.

WE QUALIFY THEM, so now you can focus on building great businesses!

“ developed our product enclosure and industrial design for BedJet. The end result was an outstanding brand and value creation. We come back to them now for all our industrial design and prototyping efforts.”

– Mark Aramli, CEO BedJet

“We turned to for a one stop shop and help bringing our concepts to market. I can’t say enough about the experience and more importantly, the quality of the finished product.”

– Brad Newcomer / Grenade Supply Co.

“CadModels was absolutely wonderful to work with. We needed 3D Solid Works designs for manufacturing and we needed them fast. They went above and beyond by providing enhanced design recommendations that improved manufacturability”

– Jared Pullen / Rack Up Products


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